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Watt The Fox – The Gift



Life is reaching all around me, and every moment was magical!

Life is our biggest gift! And we are glad to be part of that with this amazing music!
Take our GIFT – Free Download! Hope you enjoy and be grateful!

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Watt The Fox – The Gift – Free Download:

Watt The Fox //
WTFX was born from the meeting between 2 musicians, coming from two different musical styles, one electro, and the other more instrumental (Sine Eye, Goayandi).
Francois, the heart of the project, provides a feeling of magic and beauty by his knowledge of multiple traditional instruments such as Djembe, Handpan, Jaw harp and Kalimba. His world music and live influences come to complete Nathan’s electronic productions, who is the brain of the band and operates as a real sound surgeon.
Exploring tempos and collaborating with various musician guests, this project inspires innovative and bold energies.
Combination of didgeridoo, oud, sitar, cello, percussions, beats, guitare and synthesizers, brings a real maturity in their compositions and a true identity: Electro Organic Live Music.
WATT THE FOX takes you away to a unique journey, a powerful groovy, festive, hypnotic and psychedelic live show.

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