One Function – Evolution

One Function – Evolution | Iono Music, 2020

Out next on Iono-Music we are thrilled to bring you this very special album from One Function ‘; his second album which is entitled ‘Harmony’. This album contains 9 solid top-quality tracks, all of them succinctly showcasing his perfect production skills. Included in this box of delights are collabs with Mindbenderz, Hinap and Silent Sphere; as well as a reworked rendition of ‘The Message’.

Expect One Functions’ signature sound of celestial vocals, mesmerising elevating lines and storming beats, but bigger, bolder, fresher and even more epic! ‘Open Your Eyes’ is driving, dynamic and delectable with hypnotic twisted arps and deep powerful permeating sounds. ‘Kaleidoscope’ (a collab with Silent Sphere) is a magical tale of divine wizardry and its phantasmagoria melodies will capture and energise your spirit.

This colourful cauldron of tunes will touch your heart and leave your mind, body and soul in perfect ‘Harmony’.

One Function – Harmony, released on 26.10.2020. by IONO Music – INM1CD091A
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