nov 19, 2021
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Gorovich – California Resonance, Pt 2


Gorovich – California Resonance, Pt 2 | Iboga Records, 2021

California Resonance Pt 2 is the evolution of the closing track from Gorovich’s 2019 debut album ‘Vortex’. The original track, while one of Gorovich’s favourites of the album, received little playtime at gigs due to its slow-mo, chill out nature. So he began a process to create a version that would be able to communicate better with the dance floor and find more presence in Gorovich’s sets. A big metamorphosis occurred during the reworking process – new bass line, structural changes, lyrics written by Jim Morrison and spoken by Lior Roden found their way into the track – and the final outcome turned out to be more than a remix, but rather the continued exploration of an earlier journey.

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