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Duendo Matka & Kai Dreamtime – PsyMasalaTrance


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Neverfield EP by Animaudio
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Label: Animaudio
Format: Digital Release Release Date: 01.05.2018
1- Duendo Matka, Visua – Bubbletronic (Original Mix)
2 – Duendo Matka, Barak – Neverfield (Original Mix)
3 – Duendo Matka, Kai Dreamtime – PsyMasalaTrance (Original Mix)

– Bubbletronic –
Is a track with a soft set of sounds that flow like water, Visua signature sounds are mixed and blended with Duendo Matka fx ideas, as a result, a journey, weaving through the ocean of progressive and psychedelic sounds.

– Neverfield –
A track with unique and fresh sounds, combining different electronic music styles that will take you to the Neverfield.
Showcase a story inspired in those lands that may exist but we may not be able to reach, far enough that only in dreams could be seen. In this energetic track, Duendo Matka & Barak join forces one more time to bring you this highly detailed experience in sound design.

– PsyMasalaTrance –
Is a track inspired by traveling around, during this trip Duendo Matka met different people being exposed to a Masala mix of styles in India, Featuring talented “Kai Dreamtime” from Kazakhstan who Duendo Matka met in Nepal in a darktrance party as he was playing all his instruments live in the crowd and immediately decided to work together in the future.

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